Fallout 4

Current Gameplay & Rules

Nason Endino served with honors in the military as part of a rapid deployment response team for several years during the war. Far from elite, his unit was underequipped and underprepared for their assignment, nearly being wiped out in action. Trace survived an explosion that left his face scarred, but his real injuries were not physical. Disenchanted with military life, Trace left the service as quickly as he cooked and moved to Sanctuary with his wonderful wife. There he hoped to put war behind him. 

  • Shaun is priority #1
  • What's Done is Done
  • Survival Mode
  • No Fast Travel
  • Added Quick Save mod to avoid tedious replay for viewability
  • Stealth VATS Pistol/Auto (undecided)
  • Focus on city building and "cleaning up" the wastes after he finds Shaun

    Mods List

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