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Current Gameplay & Rules

Primarily Intellect build, but some branch out into Strength and others, as needed. Going solo means pure builds are harder.

Sumik's Backstory

I remember what it was like before the world died. We had dreams and electricity. I hadn’t made much of myself, yet. I’d spent four years in the Army; not the infantry, mind – so, please don't get any ideas about my combat and first aid skills. I have, however, always had an aptitude for electrical things. If we don’t have dreams anymore, perhaps we can have electricity again.

See, nine years ago, everything changed when global conflict escalated to nuclear warfare. Same as thousand sci-fi thrillers, except these attacks must not have reached "mutually assured destruction", because we never saw a nuclear winter. While some of these attacks hit our major population centers, many seemed to be much smaller – targeted at major infrastructure such as powerplants, water supplies, and research facilities. And these let loose a fresh new disaster which ultimately proved to be our undoing: a pandemic of rabid people that we have come to call zombies or zeds. Whether released from a laboratory or the cause of radiation, these wretches shrieked and clawed their way across what was left. Their bodies and those of their victims undergoing excruciating transformations, leaving them mad and highly infectious. Zombies may not be the right term, but undead or not, these monsters are clearly driven ravenous by a new blood moon which appears every seven days.

My town was isolated enough to avoid nuclear fire, and for a while we didn’t see any zeds. But after they started trickling in along with the occasional desperate survivor, we banded together and built a settlement to protect us. It was clear that the government either could not or would not come help us. We were on our own.

Our salvage teams would go out into the surrounding countryside and towns or barter with isolated traders in the wild, bringing back food and supplies. Often, they would bring me things to tinker with, in the hopes that we could get the generators and equipment running again. Then, one day without warning our hunters came across an armed group who called themselves “the Tremors” and offered to show us a new way of surviving. We should have never opened our gates.

In the first week, they killed quite a few of us demonstrating their new way of governance. For some like me, deemed useless and a liability, they set us loose in the world to die. In my shop they surrounded me, hit me, and tied my hands. With a bag on my head, they drove me far from the base and dumped me on the ground to die.

I’m scared, and I’m alone. It's been ages since I’ve been outside the walls. I need to get on my feet and get cracking before night fall. Maybe I can find one of these traders and get established on my own.

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